How to Reset ILO in ESXi 5.x

New technical note from HP on how to use the HP agent to reset the ILO from the ESXi CLI.

HP ProLiant Servers – How to Reset ILO in a Server Running ESXi 5.0

This document describes how to reset ILO in a server running with ESXi 5.0.
The below steps will explain how to reset ILO when ILO in the server is not working and the server is accessible either through vSphere Client or through SSH.
Log into the ESXI Shell Console.
Then Log into the /opt/hp/tools directory .
Use the command “# esxcli software vib list |grep Hewlett-Packard “. This will list as the HP Packages installed.

To reset ILO, please follow the below steps :
Type one of the commands:
“#esxcli hponcfg -r ”
“./hponcfg -r ” and press Enter
Output of the command is shown in the Screenshot below. This will display the firmware version of the ILO and the type ILO (ILO or ILO2 or ILO3).

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