VMworld 2012 is history…

VMworld 2012 in San Francisco is now in the history books for another year. This year, I felt different than I have in past years during the days and weeks leading up to my trip. It was mainly different for me because i was going to be so freakin busy that sessions actually took a back seat to everything else.

Being a VMware User Group (VMUG) leader for our state, I was involved in the activities that surrounded that group and their show floor booth. All of that was an absolute blast and I loved it. i was also asked to do some editorial work, interview with a training company, gave a vBrownbag lightning session, and participate in VMware Feedback Forums for some VMware services. I think I was either in meeting rooms, on the show floor, or in the labs more than anything else the 5 days. Everything considered, it was one of the best VMworld  conferences I have attended. Very, very busy, but still the best.

Here are the biggest takeaways of VMworld 2012 for me:

  • vBrownbag and #notsupported and all the folks who run them, are simply awesome. Also gets my vote for “Best Swag of Show”
  • The Hands On Labs rocked (when they were’t down)
  • The Hang Space was where I lived. it had everything you needed including Space Invaders.
  • The lunches sucked, big time. I gave up on them after day 1. Breakfast in the Hang Space was generally good.
  • The booth babes were rating around a 5 compared to the 10’s in Vegas. The hottest ones were at the VMUG booth (the vGangsta Babes)
  • The “Hall Crawl” was very, very lame.Whereas the opening reception was great.
  • Jon BonJovi was, well, Jon BonJovi.
  • Elastic Sky in the HiTech Lab was awesome
  • There were way too many suits this year. Lose them.
  • And finally, Mel’s Diner. Simply AWESOME.

’nuff said.


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