Pure FA PowerShell v1.17.11.0 Released

We released an updated version of the our SDK v1 this past weekend. It is primarily a maintenance release that includes these:

  • Added DisableLoggingToArray to New-PfaArray and New-PfaCLICommand to disabled phone home logging to the array (and the associated thread) for this connection.
  • Fixed resource consumption issue in a New-PfaCLICommand connection that could cause the number of threads in a process to continually increase.

To decrease network traffic between the array and node running PowerShell, I recommend setting the -DisableLoggingToArray to $true.

New-PfaArray -Array $array -Credentials (Get-Credential) -IgnoreCertificateError -DisableLoggingToArray $true

You can install the update via the PowerShell Gallery with:

Install-Module -Name PureStoragePowerShellSDK

We also make an MSI available on Github Рhttps://github.com/PureStorage-Connect/PowerShellSDK 

Don’t forget to join the Pure Code Slack for more information on everything Pure APIs and SDKs – codeinvite.purestorage.com

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