Taking It All In at EMCWorld 2011

This years EMCWorld, being hosted at the Venetian in Las Vegas, has been pretty subdued so far, at least for me. The Bloggers Lounge has been a meet-up of old friends and meeting many new ones, along with the company folks, but the Keynotes and sessions so far are leaving a bit to be desired.

There are about 8,000 or so attendees this year and a good amount of buzz around “Big Data and the Cloud”. In speaking with some folks from around the world at lunch yesterday, they are generally very satisfied in the conference so far and are really looking forward to more. I, on the other hand, have my sights set on VMWorld this year and I think there will be some very strong announcements coming later this year from the folks in Palo Alto.

I’ve watched 3 keynotes so far, and nothing really of revelation in them from my side as most of it is rehashes of what has already been announced or talked about. There were a few bright notes that perked up my ears, but I guess maybe my expectations of the big “ohh ahh” announcements just didn’t materialize, at least not yet. There is still a lot of time left, and I’ve still have yet to wander through the Solutions Pavilion to see what new and exciting wares are coming from the partners.

More to come as I venture through day 2 and keep looking for those gems of innovation….


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