You Can Create Multiple Pre-assigned Standard or Private desktops in Xendesktop Setup Wizard…sorta

The Xendesktop Setup Wizard, or XDSW, has a limitation that dictates what type of desktop assignment is created when you use it. It will only create “Pooled” desktops. but wht if you want to use it to create a bunch of “Pre-assigned” or even “Assigned on First Use” groups? You can, with a bit of simple manual intervention. Here’s how:

First off, create a new desktop group in the DDC AMC and have it assigned as either a pre-assigned or assign on first use group. Remember, you can’t change it once it’s created, so make sure it’s what you want. The trick is during the creation wizard, just click Next when it asks for desktop assignments and user names. It will dialog box a warning, but continue anyways. At the end of the wzrd creation, it will set the group as Disabled until you add desktops and users to it.

Then, run XDSW and create the number of desktops you need, with the Standard vDisk and template you want, and assign them to an existing Pooled desktop group. It must be a Standard vDisk. If you want to create multiple privates, you’ll switch them later. Once they are created, go to the DDC, highlight the pooled desktop group XDSW just created them in and right-click on each desktop, selecting the “remove” option.

Once removed, they can now be added to the new desktop group you created. Add them all and then right-click ont he desktop group and select the assign desktops and users option. Click on Add and put a checkmark in each desktop you want to add to the group. Then click on Assign and assign your users to them.

The last step is important – make sure to Enable the group or users won’t be able to onnect to them.

To make them assigned to privates, just change the vDisks assignment to private disks on the PVS.

And your done. A simple way to overcome a XDSW limitation, which hopefully will be changed in future versions.

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